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MSME Registration in India

MSME Registration at ₹ 750/- in 1 day.

MSME registration completely online process,
paperless and based on self-declaration,
No documents or proofs need to be uploaded
for an MSME registration.

Sample MSME Certificate

Sample MSME Certificate


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Location of Plant(Address 4)

Location of Plant (Address 5)

Office Address

Bank Details

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Msme Registration

MSME Registration Online

Before understanding, what is MSME registration? it is important to know what is MSME?, MSME stands for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises and it is the backbone of the economy. MSME is the top executive body for the implementation and administration of rules, regulations and laws related to micro, small and medium enterprises. Both the manufacturing and service sectors can apply for registration.

MSME Registration Classification

MSMEs are categorized into manufacturing and services sectors. The sector is classified according to investment and turnover. Below is a classification of micro, small and medium enterprises.




Micro Enterprises

Less Than Rs. 1 Cr.

Less Than Rs. 5 Cr.

Small Enterprises

Less Than Rs. 10 Cr.

Less Than Rs. 50 Cr.

Medium Enterprises

Less Than Rs. 50 Cr.

Less Than Rs. 250 Cr.

MSME Registration Process

Simple 3 easy steps you can follow for MSME Registration, which is known as “Udyam Registration

   Submit the Application Form and make the payment

   Our executive will process the Application

   You will received Udyam Certificate on your registered e-mail

MSME Registration Fees

Our expert of e-startup.in will file your application on your behalf. A very simple procedure has been prescribed for MSME Registration. It requires no manual intervention or no physical paper submissions. Our Fees: Rs. 750/- (All inclusive price). You can visit the official website directly for free registration.

MSME Registration Benefits

MSME provides various benefits to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. A Few of them are mentioned below:-

 Exemptions Direct Tax Laws : Enterprises that enclose MSME Registration can benefit from Direct Tax Exemption in the early year of business, as stated in the scheme by the Government & depending on business activity too.

 Exemption On Overdraft Interest Rate : Enterprises or Businesses registered under MSME can gain a benefit of 1% on the Over Draft as stated in a scheme that varies from bank to bank.

 Helps In Obtaining The Government Tenders  : MSME assists to acquire government tenders with no trouble as Udyam Registration Portal is incorporated with Government e-Marketplace & various other State Government portals which present easy access to their marketplace & e-tenders.

 Concession In Electricity Bills : This concession is accessible to all the Enterprises that have the MSME Registration Certificate by providing an application to the department of the electricity along with the certificate of registration by MSME.

 Claim Expenses For The ISO Certification : The registered MSME seeks the reimbursement of the operating cost that was spent for recognition of ISO certification.

 Collateral Free Loans From Banks : The Government of India has authorized collateral-free credit available to all small & micro business sectors. This scheme guarantees funds to micro and small division enterprises. Under this very scheme, both the old and new enterprises can seek the benefits. The ‘Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme’ (CGS) for Micro & Small Enterprises launched by the Government of India to make accessible collateral-free credit to the micro & small enterprise sector. Both the existing & the new enterprises are entitled to be covered under this scheme.

 Subsidy On Patent Registration : A hefty 50% subsidy is given to the Enterprise that has the certificate of registration granted by MSME. This subsidy can be availed for patent registration by giving applications to the respective ministry.

 Bar Code Registration Subsidy : All Enterprises that have MSME Registration can gain Bar Code Registration subsidy as declared in the scheme.

 Industrial Promotion Subsidy Eligibility : Businesses registered under MSME are also qualified for getting a subsidy for Industrial Promotion as recommended by the Government.

 Protection Against Delayed Payments: If the buyer delays the payment for more than 45 days after accepting the products or services then the buyer has to pay compound interest along with interests (monthly) on the amount that was agreed to be paid. The interest rate is three times the rate that is notified by the Reserve Bank of India.

 Waiver Of Stamp Duty And Registration Fees: All new industrial units containing MSME Registration & expansions will be exempted from payments of Stamp Duty & Registration fees in India.

 Eligible For Industrial Promotion Subsidy : All Enterprises that are registered under MSME Registration qualified for Industrial Promotion Subsidy (IPS) in the scheme.

 15% CLCSS Subsidy To Purchase Of Plant & Machinery: The Ministry of MSME is operating a scheme particularly CLCSS “Credit Linked CGSTI Subsidy Scheme” for technology up-gradation of MSE. The revised scheme aims at assisting technology up-gradation of MSEs by giving a 15% capital subsidy (limited to a maximum of Rs.15 lakhs) for the purchase of Plant & Machinery.

MSME Registration Documents

Aadhaar card and PAN card are required documents for MSME registration. MSME registration process is fully online, paperless and based on self-declaration. The PAN and GST linked details of investment and enterprise turnover will be automatically retrieved from the official database by the Udyam Registration Portal. The Udyam Registration Portal is fully integrated with the Income Tax and GSTIN system.

GST is not mandatory for enterprises which do not require GST registration under the GST Act. However, enterprises that are required to get GST registration under the GST regime must have GST registration in order to get Udyam registration. Those who have UAM registration or any other registration issued by any authority under the Ministry of MSME will have to re-register themselves on the Emerging Registration Portal by clicking "For New Entrepreneurs who are not yet registered as MSME or have EM-II".

Enterprises with UAM registration must migrate to Udyam registration by 30/06/2022. If entrepreneurs with UAM registration do not migrate to Udyam registration by 30/06/2022, then UAM registration will become invalid and they will not be able to avail the benefits offered to MSME.

MSME Registration Certificate Download

Entrepreneurs can msme certificate download online by visiting the udyam registration portal. The process of getting MSME Registration Certificate online is as follows:

On the homepage of the portal, Entrepreneurs need to click on the 'print' tab and click on the 'udyam certificate print' option.

The next page will open where the entrepreneur has to enter the udyam number and select the OTP option mobile number or email id, and click on the ‘validate and generate OTP’ button.

Enter the OTP received in the mobile number or email id and click on the 'Verify OTP and Print' button.

The Msme Registration Certificate will appear and you can print the msme registration certificate from this page. You can check the msme registration number from the reference number provided after submitting the msme registration form.

Msme Application Form

One Application form is required to fill up on the registration site. Application form details mention below

  Aadhaar Number : Mobile Number Must Be Registered With Aadhaar for OTP Verification

  Name of Entrepreneur/Applicant  : Aadhaar Card Name

  Social Category : General, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes

  Type of Organisation : Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Private Limited etc

  PAN Card : Business PAN card

  Mobile Number : Fill the correct Mobile Number of Applicant

  Email ID : Fill the correct Mail ID of Applicant

  Gender : Male, Female

  Name of Business/Enterprise : Fill the name of Business which will get printed on MSME Certificate.

  Location of Plant Address and Office Address:

  Date of Incorporation / Registration : Fill the Registration date of Business which will get printed on MSME Certificate.

  Bank Details : Fill the IFSC code, Account Number, Bank Name is printed on the Cheque Books

  NIC Code  : Choosing a primary activity of business

  Person Employed : Number of staff on involve in business

MSME Helpline Number

For general queries, MSME Helpline number  011-23063288

For administration queries for Udyam Registration or Udyam Registration Certificate, Helpline number  011-2306 3800

For Technical queries for Udyam Registration or Udyam Registration Certificate Download, Helpline number 011-2306 2354

MSME contact address – Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Udyog Bhawan, Rafi Marg, New Delhi – 110011

Msme Registration Schemes

There are several state and central schemes for MSME benefits that will help you to get credit, pre-approved loans and government subsidies.

  1. Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)
  2. 2nd Loan for up-gradation of the existing PMEGP/MUDRA units
  3. Credit Guarantee Scheme for Micro & Small Enterprises (CGTMSE)
  4. Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Component (CLCS & TU Scheme)
  5. Procurement and Marketing Support (PMS) scheme
  6. International Cooperation (IC) Scheme
  7. Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme (MSE – CDP)
  8. Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI)
  9. A Scheme for Promotion of Innovation, Rural Industries and Entrepreneurship (ASPIRE)
  10. ZED Certification Scheme
  11. Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness for MSMEs
  12. Design Clinic for Design Expertise to MSMEs
  13. Digital MSME
  14. Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators
  15. Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  16. Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP) Scheme
  17. National SC-ST Hub
  18. Assistance to Training Institutions (ATI) Scheme
  19. Coir Industry Technology Upgradation Scheme
  20. Skill Upgradation and Mahila Coir Yojana
  21. Interest Subsidy Eligibility Certificate (ISEC)
  22. Work-Shed Scheme for Khadi Artisans
  23. Rojgar Yukt Gaon
  24. Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization (MGIRI)


Frequently Asked Questions

        1. What is Udyam Registration?

Udyam Registration is a new process of MSME Registration launched by the Government of India on July 1, 2020.

        2. Is MSME or Udyog Aadhaar registration updated to Udyam Registration?

Yes, MSME registration/Udyog Aadhaar registration has been replaced with Udyam registration. MSME / Udyam registration is completely online process. This registration provides many benefits and subsidies to the micro, small and medium business.

        3. Is the Udyam registration compulsory?

No, Enterprises under MSME category do not have to apply for MSME registration compulsorily. However, it is better to get MSME / Udyam Registration because the government offers many benefits to enterprises that have MSME registration in terms of loan facility, easy credit access, low interest rate, eligibility for many schemes etc.

        4. What is the validity of the Udyam Certificate?

Udyam Registration Certificate has life time validity. The certificate will not expire.

        5. Is Aadhar Card and Pan Card are compulsory for Udyam registration?

Yes, to get Udyam registration, an Aadhaar card and Pan Card is mandatory.

        6. Can wholesaler, traders, retails business register under MSME?

Yes, Previously, MSME registration only covered the manufacturing and service industries. Trading companies do not fall under the scheme. However, in July 2021, the government announced that wholesale and retail trade would come under MSME classification and thus their wholesale / retail business would be able to apply for MSME registration.

       7. After registering an MSME, can I register a second MSME?

When enterprises are separate, such as established under different names and registered or incorporated separately, the owner of the enterprise can apply for MSME registration. However, an enterprise cannot file for multiple “Udyam registration”. All activities including manufacturing or service should be specified or added to one Udyam registration.

       8. Who should apply for online Udyam Registration?

Udyam registration can be obtained from the following companies that meet the criteria of revised “MSME classification” of annual turnover and investment.

  1. Trusts
  2. Self Help Groups
  3. Co-operative societies
  4. Sole proprietorship
  5. Partnership firm
  6. Private and public limited companies
  7. Limited Liability Partnerships
  8. Individuals, startups, business owners and entrepreneurs


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